Submission and validation process

Created: 27-06-2024 - Last updated: 27-06-2024

Usual steps of a deposit process


  1. A submitter creates a deposit and submits it.
  2. A moderator reviews it, and possibly asks for modifications. The moderator can also edit the deposit themselves.
  3. If changes are requested, the submitter edits the deposit and submits it again.
  4. A moderator validates the deposit.
  5. The deposit becomes a document and is now visible in the public interface.

= An email notification is sent at each step of this process

  • The organisation's moderators and administrators are notified for each deposit submitted and awaitng validation.
  • The submitter is notified if changes are requested and when the deposit is validated.

Deposit statuses

The field status describes the step at which the deposit currently is:

  • in progress: the deposit has been saved by a submitter but was not yet submitted for validation.
  • to validate: the deposit has been submitted and is awating validation by a moderator.
  • ask for changes: modifications of the deposit have been requested by a moderator.
  • validated: the deposit has been validated and published as a document.
  • rejected: the deposit has been rejected by a moderator.

In the system, a "deposit" is a type of resource. When it is validated, the system creates another resource of type "document", which is visible in the public interface.

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