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Discussioni disciplinari in contesto universitario: uno studio argomentativo in classi di bachelor e master

  • 2017
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  • ERIS. Rivista internazionale di argomentazione e dibattito. - 2017, vol. 2, no. 1, p. 43-65
English This study examines how argumentative practices in classroom evolve from undergraduate to graduate education. The focus is on disciplinary exchanges involving teachers and students around task-related discussions concerning the discipline with the aim to compare to what extent arguments used by undergraduate and graduate students refer to scientific notions and theories related to the discipline taught in the course. The data corpus includes 16 video-recorded lessons of two courses at undergraduate and graduate level in Developmental Psychology. The courses were selected according to the following criteria: i) similar number of students; ii) similar disciplinary domain; iii) both courses are taught by the same teacher in English language. The analytical approach adopted to identify the students’ arguments relies on the pragma-dialectical ideal model of a critical discussion. Findings show that undergraduate students put forth fewer arguments than graduate students, and when they do so their arguments refer, in most cases, to common-sense knowledge and previous personal experience. On the other hand, graduate students more frequently put forth arguments that refer to scientific notions and theories strictly or somehow related to the discipline taught in the course.
  • Italian
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