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Towards peer education prevention of school dropout : An exploratory analysis of an action-research study

  • 2017
Published in:
  • Psihološka istraživanja / Psychological Research. - 2017, vol. 20, no. 1, p. 127-143
English This paper presents the exploratory analysis of an action-research into dropout
prevention in an Italian secondary school. By taking into account the representations
of teachers, students and parents, different activities of peer education have
been implemented during the school year in a city of Sardinia in order to promote
school success. The study is based on a mixed-methods design, including focus
groups with teachers, students and parents, as well as classroom observations. The
action-research consists of different interventions: firstly, the participants’ representations
of school dropout have been collected; then, a specific program of peer
education has been proposed through activities of role-playing, simulations, brainstorming,
and improvement of life skills (during training meetings with the participants).
Thereafter, the action-research has been qualitatively analysed, with the
findings indicating possible directions of re-creating school practices that could
have potential benefits in preventing dropout.
  • English
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