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Analyse de pratiques interactionnelles dans un dispositif d’immersion réciproque

  • 2019
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  • Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée. - 2019, no. 110, p. 75-90
English The variety of contexts and methodological approaches in linguistics and education leads to an increasing number of research proMects on bilingual education. After many years of quantitative research on cognitive development and competences of children from immersion programs, new attention has been given to classroom practices since the beginning of the new century (e.g. GaMo 2001). In terms of usage, immersive teaching can adopt many different forms and depends not only on institutional guidelines but also on individual perception. Therefore, a detailed description of classroom practices allows a better understanding of learning and learners' communication. This article focuses on interactions between pupils in a two-way immersion program when performing a bilingual mathematics task in groups. The aim is to identify language resources that pupils use to communicate, as well as different language registers and plurilingual repertoires in pupils' outputs. The findings show for example that pupils frequently use different varieties of language and mainly focus on content during group tasks.
  • French
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