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In and out : Father’s positioning in the family system

  • Rome : Italian Center on Everyday Lives of Families, 2005
English The Italian research is a part of a collaborative study headed by prof. Ochs at the Sloan Centre on Everyday Lives of Families, based in UCLA. It is a comparative research project based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in family households and it involves Italian and Swedish units. The families are composed of two working parents and at least two siblings, one of which is between 8 and 12 years old.
The general aim of the project is to understand how families organize their life in order to carry on various activities. The research is based on observing and videotaping families at home during the week and at weekends, and interviewing the parents about their family history, habits, relationships, health care matters and children’s education.
An extensive observation of the home space organization was conducted through house mapping and photographing; each family member’s perspective of what is considered as an important place or object in the house was videotaped and analyzed.
The interviews and field observations were integrally transcribed; an "activity log" was produced by ethnographic field notes and videotaping which synthesized the main activities carried out in the settings. The analysis of the main part was performed on the transcripts through the identification of the significant passages and the further examination of the relevant audio and/or video data.
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