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L2 and mathematics learning by students with a bi-plurilingual profile in a bilingual context.

  • 2024
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  • Metalinguistic awareness: Recomposing cognitive, linguistic, and cultural conflicts. Studies in honor of Maria Antonietta Pinto / Oreste Floquet & Sergio Melogno . - 2024, p. 145-160
English This paper addresses the issue of plurilingual students in bilingual classes, a problem which has been little explored so far. Based on data previously collected for a PhD thesis (Jenny, 2021), we focused on some specific points in response to the following research question: can plurilingual students benefit from the same bilingual teaching resources as their « monolingual » peers? To this end, we considered some independent variables such as the linguistic profile and the results obtained by 202 students (age range: 10-12 years old) enrolled in an immersive program on L2 and mathematics tests. In parallel with this quantitative approach, we also analyzed the interviews with the teachers working in this context (a French-German bilingual school in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland), which gave us a qualitative view of the issues at hand, oriented toward practices and representations in relation with plurilingualism. The results showed, on the one hand, that students’ linguistic profile has no significant impact on the developement of their competences in L2 and mathematics in this bilingual context, and, on the other, that teachers scarcely took into account the plurilingual resources of their students in their teaching practice.
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